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video production

Matt Morton's day job is a welder and on Sunday he's a church pastor.  But his life training started as a member of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University.

Personalizing a business is the best way to develop a sustainable community brand.  Find that amazing person and help them tell their story.

AI can't do that.  Beginners can't do that.

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Ada, Oklahoma has been running a railroad in the main city park for close to 80 years.  There can sometimes be four generations of one family riding in the same car.

The railroad is custom-built.  The people who run it aren't in it for the money.  There's nothing like it in America.

AI can't do that story justice.  Beginners can't either.

Small businesses and start-ups fuel the American economy​.  Dragon City Farms is a hydroponics star-up that provides fruit, vegetables, and microgreens to chefs, restaurants, and hotels in the Dallas, Texas area.

Video can demonstrate the quality of a product  to customers better than any written text or photo can.

AI doesn't know taste.  Beginners don't either.

Even with decades of research and treatment, breast cancer still kills.  Those who survive are changed forever and many want to tell others what they've been through.  Also, watch for the reveal.  Yes, it was on purpose.

You can't capture this kind of emotion in a written story or a photograph.  It's a journey.

AI can't empathize.  Beginners don't know how.

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Mark Jones

/ 10-time EMMY award winner

/ National Press Club award

/ RTDNA Edward R. Murrow award

/ Texas AP Broadcasters award

/ Former U.S. Navy officer

/ Texas Aggie

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